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Freeware by EatMe

  • new (2019-04): renamer-win10 Renamer v2.4.5 windows 7 / windows 10 installer / 884 KB
        renamer-win98 renamer v2.4.5 / 274 K / about renamer (specs)

    renamer screenshot

  • EAZ by EatMe

  • download all EAZ versions in a .zip with help
    required to run is DosBox (Ctrl+F11/F12 to adjust speed) 

  • WaIT! / 32 K / MS-DOS delay timer application, for waiting / -? for info

  • icon.exe / 13 K / programmable quicklaunch clock menu icon

  • godir.exe v2 / 6.8 MB / fast directory on HD finder util (find all folders fast / help included) v2 with colors and fixed bug closing screen

    Create a list of all directories on selected disk[s] with the List.. button or with GoDir /L
    (run GoDir as administrator to create the list properly).
    Run "GoDir *last part of directory/folder name as search pattern*" to
    Open the directory (if only 1 result is found)
    Display a list of first results to open (if multiple results are found) to open with 1 click.
    Godir Windows
    will open your Windows directory
    after creating a list of directories/folders in GoDir (run as administrator for creating the list).

    Optionally, put GoDir.exe and the GODIR.LST list in your Windows directory, so you can access GoDir via the Windows+R run command dialog.
    GoDir does not need to be ran as administrator to open or display folders in the list, only for creating the list.

  • param.exe / 10.5 K / given parameter displayer (for coders only)

  • vstfx.exe / 56.5 K / add lots of VST plugins to modplug tracker at once

  • winblock.exe / 32 K / windows 9x reboot blocker
  • winblockXP.exe / 32 K / windows 7 & XP reboot blocker

    Start this tool with your computer to prevent the system from shutting down and allowing you to keep your computer running.

    • works in Windows 7 and Windows 10
    • Reboot and Shutdown buttons do not work in WinXP or Win7 or Win10

    • for WinXP users:

      to enable in Windows XP: 
      run: REGEDIT
      in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
      set: AutoEndTasks
      to: 0 

    this will not prevent all applications from unloading, but block the reboot as soon as winblock is asked to quit

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